MultiSensory Tasting


Price €32.00

A stimulating and evocative experience through the use of senses

One’s visual sense is universally recognized as the most important sense in addition to colors for generating physical reactions. Environmental factors to include color, lighting and sound can have an influence in the way we each experience tasting wine. For this reason, during this wine tasting, you will be using black wine glasses. You will experience new sensations and taste our wines by using your other senses that normally you take for granted. In multisensory tasting, the sounds create the images in your mind. The sense of smell, hearing, touch, taste and thermo perception are all part of the total experience that everyone assimilates in a different way.


– Guided tour of the winery with an expert guide.
– Sixty minutes multisensory journey in a room overlooking the wooden barrels.
– Three wines will be tasted during the experience including the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG.


During this tasting you will learn how to observe wine with a different perspective; you will be surprised and amused. It begins at the winery entrance for a brief encounter with the history marked by the cross that has dominated the hill since the 17th century. From there you go to the barrel cellar rooms where the most prestigious wines of the Bonomo family are refined. Crossing these barrels, your sense of smell is captured by the hints of vanilla of the French oak that are so fresh thanks to the presence of the ultraviolet lamp technology. These ultraviolet lights sterilize the rooms nightly for four hours and allow the wines a long and safe rest bacterial load.

 The Tasting

 In the tasting room you will taste two glasses of wine in black glasses. The black glasses will allow you to stimulate the sense of smell in a room free of perfumes and then inside the glass room with aromas and sounds. Sight, the most important sense, is left aside to help you discover yourself through hearing, touch, smell, taste and thermal perception. You will embark on a journey (for approximately six minutes) around the world through the sounds of nature, markets and temples that will evoke unique body sensations in you. You will not be left alone: Silvia, your guide, will assist you in understanding your feelings. This is an experience that has the ability to amuse, involve and create new conversations.

The Final Tasting

 At the end of the tasting we will return to the general tasting room for a final taste of the classic Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG. This is a wine of great balance and elegance developed in the Fumane village and is located in the Lena di Mezzo Estate.


The visit is for all people who love travel, enjoy the element of surprise and who want to discover wine from a new perspective.

People: from 3 to 10
Languages: Italian, English
Duration: 1.45 hour – please arrive 10 minutes prior for registration

Possibility of cancellation: up to 48 hours in advance with a full refund

The visit takes place in compliance with current regulations enforced for the coronavirus emergency issued by the Ministry of Health. We kindly ask visitors to adhere to regulations set forth by the authorities.