The Monte del Frà areas are well suited to an enriched agriculture. Bordering Pre-Alps to the North and Lake Garda to the West characterise the beautiful province of Verona which represents nowadays the first viticultural geographic area in Italy. The presence of the mountains in the North mitigate the cold winds coming from Northern Europe, and the vast lake mitigate both cold winters and hot summers. The soil, rich in minerals, the morainic hills which are formed by prehistoric glaciers, the abundance of water and solar rays make this area particularly favorable.

This is the place where farmers through experience share their accumulated knowledge, technique of growing grapes and the art of winemaking thereby creating undisputed wines which have worldwide acclaim.

Monte del Frà Estate

Lena di Mezzo Estate

Ca’ Del Magro Vineyard

Mascarpine Vineyard

Le Palme Vineyard

Colombara Vineyard

Staffalo Vineyard

Grottino Vineyard

Bagolina Vineyard

Montegodio Vineyard

Monte Fitti Vineyard