Wine Experiences

Wine Experiences

Tastings and Classes

We can tell everything about us, how we interpret wine, how we commit in the production. We can tell about all the awards we get as well as about all the praises we get all around the world. However, this is our word. We think you should verify what we say and check whether it is true or not.

For this reason, our doors are always open.

You can come and meet Eligio and Claudio, while they are working in the vineyards or in the cellar. You can visit our barrique cellar and see how we refine our wines, which barrels and which woods we use and why. You can come to learn how to match our wines with gastronomic specialties of Garda, Veneto or Italian cuisine and follow our dedicated courses. You can commit yourself to find a perfect interior balance attending our yoga courses with view on the most beautiful vineyards.

You can do many other things.