The path scramblers

along the sides of a sweet hill.

Vineyards arrive until the limit of the carriageway, cypresses and beech trees shade the rows. A hare is running among the vineyards. In the sky, a buzzard is hunting, flying in big circles and its sharp gaze is looking for a prey on the ground. A cloud of bees, of small insects, of butterflies fills the air among the vineyards and on the grass.  This enormous vitality is the tangible clue of the changes Monte del Fra’ has adopted to become an increasingly sustainable winery for environment.

Gradual zeroing

of synthesis products.

Traps for sexual confusion to inhibit the development of dangerous insects for the plants. Care for biodiversity leaving wide spaces of wood between one vineyard and the other, thus allowing nature to find its countermeasures. Drop-irrigation systems to avoid dispersion and the wastefulness of precious water.

Monte del Frà applies the technical procedure of integrated defence. We do not “impose” anything to the plant. We help the plant to find inside itself and in the surrounding environment the strength to fight illnesses and natural parasites. We start from the soil, where the plant finds its nourishment: in autumn, we mineralize with various seed (green manure technique). The soil increases its nourishment naturally and the plant finds everything it needs.

In spring, through some sticks charged with hormones, we confuse the vine moth avoiding or reducing the risk of reproduction, thus reducing the possibility that the vine gets ill and must be treated.  During the months of maximum development of the flora, we prune the vine rows giving the utmost attention to the useful fauna.  Consequently, the grass cutting takes place in alternating vine rows so that fauna can move and find a new shelter. Around the vineyard, the grass cutting is strictly mechanical; we never use chemical products and leave the cut grass on the ground to create new nourishment.

The plant becomes stronger and finds all the necessary elements in the nature. In this way, the plant can better afford the challenge of the climatic change.

The coming back of wild fauna is the best witness of how natural environment has improved in the parcels under the management of Bonomo family. For years, we have been undertaking a path of sustainability, based on a summary of concrete and practical gestures to grant first the utmost respect of nature, an essential precondition when we want to create a wine of highest quality.