Our Single Vineyards

Monte del Frà: our single Vineyards

A single vineyard does not originate by chance. It is not “selected”; rather it imposes itself upon the vinedresser with the strength of its peculiarity, its unicity and sometimes thanks to choices made – who knows – by other generations of farmers. For this reason, it is not easy and it is not for everybody to identify a single vineyard. It needs attention, time spent in the vineyard to taste its moods and a deep observation of all the elements in the environment. A single vineyard does not exist and that is enough. It forces a choice. It obliges us to declare whom actually we are and what we want to tell through our wines. These are Monte del Fra’ single vineyards.

How many faces does Custoza have? How does it express this terroir? Many, a lot. Never a commonplace, never taken for granted, this is a place with a great richness inside asking to be used. This single vineyard is released in the best vintages in order to enhance a wine denomination and to celebrate human work, the work of our family in particular, the sum of our know-how and skills built in sixty harvests, in the different vineyards composing Monte del Fra’ and in the delicate work of vinification and refinement.

The hill is in the heart of Custoza, it is gravelly and rocky, facing southeast and ready to receive many hours of sunshine. The vineyard is composed of old vines, accustomed to challenge the elements of nature and to go deep in the soil to find their nourishment. This is a fascinating, unique place, ideal to witness how Custoza wine has inside all those features, necessary to have a great wine, such as minerality connected to a unique soil; longevity which stems from the resilience capacity of old vines with a low yield, but featuring character and style; experimentation, that is the will to undermine the dominating thought asking for a simple Custoza, to drink young and without complexity. The result? The most amazing Custoza, the most awarded in the world, the most celebrated. A great white wine with infinite ageing potentials.

Garganega is the white grape par excellence in Verona area. It appears in denominations of the highest spread; it has a very ancient history and has crossed happy phases as well as period of less interest. Actually, this is a grape variety with an enormous potential. The cultivation of Garganega in Monte del Fra’ is in the vineyard Oliosi, whose vines have an average age of sixty years. This is a place breathing already the atmosphere of Lugana DOC and where vineyards are cultivated with the Pergola training system. These apparent contradictions are the ideal conditions to set a challenge: to aim in the best vintages at a wine with a structure, rich thanks to an over ripening in the vineyard, rich only in its heritage as it is processed only in stainless steel tanks. This is not a wine suitable for aperitifs, rather a red wine “disguised as a white” expressing ripeness. It has become a “citizen of the world” exported in 56 Countries around the world.

The strength of a “cru” knows how to arise sooner or later and … maybe for many years that small trunk, that treasure chest of flavours and aromas has not been considered. Maybe a not very rich soil. An area where it was difficult to take grapes to ripening. A location on top of a hill, difficult to reach and to work by hand. These three negative aspects become winning when elegance prevails on opulence; when complexity prevails on abundance; when cleanliness and drinkability prevail on unlimited power. Those eighteen terraced hectares of Scarnocchio, black soils of Fumane, enjoy the position on a high hill, sheltered from the burning highest temperatures with respect to vineyards below and brushed every day by Pre Alps winds. These Riserva is a challenge, a hymn to the courage to dare, to the capacity to read both the evolutions of the surrounding environment and the changes in the taste in a wine with an undoubted personality such as Amarone.