Grape Variety:
Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella.

Location and Characteristics of the Vineyards:
Casa Capitei is an entirely terraced estate of 5 hectares, located in Valpolicella. This is a wonderful hill with clay and marl soils, which express thoroughly the interdependence between the terroir and the indigenous grape varieties, an unparalleled heritage of the area surrounding Verona.

Soils: average altitude and composition
Average altitude and composition: from 350 to 400 meters (1148 to 1312 feet) a. s. l. Soils are dark, with a good content in phosphorus and red, rich iron and magnesium on debris and marls.

Training System:

Hand harvest begins at the end of September until approximately mid-October, according to the ripeness of the grapes. Every grape is inspected and cleaned of any eventual damaged grape. Afterwards, grapes are taken to dry in the cellar in boxes. At the end of winter, the grapes have lost from 35% to 40% of their weight and they have concentrated their juices and sugar content.

Gentle crushing and destemming. Cold maceration for some days before the alcoholic fermentation starts. The Grapes go in small steel vats and are carried out manual pump overs. The fermentation is slow with a long maceration of the skins to allow maximum aromatic and polyphenolic extraction. Once the malolactic fermentation is over, the wine is aged for at least for 24-30 months in 5 to 20 hl Neutral French oak barrels, the wine matures in bottle for  six to  eight months before being going to market.

Organoleptic description:
Deep garnet red.
Intense and rich with fine tannins, complex and expressive red fruit, aromas of spice compote, liquorice, cinnamon, and French vanilla. Also present leather, tobacco, prune, a complete umami experience!
Medium acidity, and full body. The flavours remain true to the nose. Long finish. You can Drink now or wait…this wine has a fantastic potential for aging for 20 + year.

Alcohol by volume:

Suggested Pairing:
Excellent with wild boar, braised meat or tasty roasted meat and cheese. Enjoy with “Amarone risotto” and pasta with Bolognese sauce, also good with spicy and hot dishes. Thanks to its harmony and roundness, it is also delicious with tasty fish dishes, even with an exotic taste or by the glass as a meditation wine.
Highly Recommended for self-quarantine periods…a glass of Amarone and  a good book!

Serving Temperature:
16-18°C (61°F – 64°F)