Bonomo Sexaginta Custoza Superiore

Bonomo Sexaginta Custoza Superiore


How many faces does Custoza have? How does it express this terroir? Many, a lot. Never a commonplace, never taken for granted, this is a place with a great richness inside asking to be used. This single vineyard is released in the best vintages in order to enhance a wine denomination and to celebrate human work, the work of our family in particular, the sum of our know-how and skills built in sixty harvests, in the different vineyards composing Monte del Fra’ and in the delicate work of vinification and refinement.







Grape varieties
40% Garganega, 20% Cortese (bianca Fernanda), 15% Trebbiano Toscano, 10% Incrocio Manzoni, 15% Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano.

Location and characteristics of the vineyard
Custoza, small hamlet in the municipality of Sommacampagna, south east of Lake Garda.

Average altitude
between 100-15o m a.s.l. The hill is of glacial origin with limestone, clay, gravel and sandy soil.

Training system and plant density
Guyot with yields of 2 Kg per vine.

Incrocio Manzoni is harvested in first part of September, Cortese, Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano mid-September, Garganega and Trebbiano toscano first part of October.

the most of all the different grape varieties, – harvested separately at the peaks of ripeness – after static decantation is fermented in oak and acacia small barrels and tonneau. The whole process of alcoholic fermentation and subsequent refinement, for more than 12 months, took place in the presence of yeast lysis (fine lees) and the regular “batonnage” boost the aromatic and sensory qualities. Following the separation from the lees the juices are blended in stainless steel tank at 12 °C temperature, this to harmonize the sensorial palette of the grapes. The following year’ spring the wine was bottled and left it there for 6 months in order to perfect its elevation.

Organoleptic description
A Shimmering gold hue, voluptuous notes of honeycomb, bergamot, laurel and medlar; mystic frankincense whispers.

Dry and elated white pepper, flows it seductive to the palate in cuddle persistence.

13 %

Serving temperature
12-13 °C (10.55°F)

Serving suggestions
To be dared with grilled red meat or a filet mignon, terrific with a “brodeto” (fish’ stew) and buckwheat polenta. Pampering with oysters.