Blind Wine Tasting


Price €35.00
A unique experience to discover wine and the territory while allowing yourself to be guided by your own senses.
How much can a wine be traced back to its territory of origin through scent and color? Let’s find out with a blind tasting. There will be six covered bottles so you are not influenced by the label and you can freely express what you are experiencing. As an international activity, this blind tasting is done in the most prestigious wine competitions, but suitable for the less experienced person who is curious for its engaging and dynamic spirit. This is a real gustatory journey through the territories of the Veneto region to learn the peculiarities and characteristics. At the Monte del Frà winery, wines and culture pairs well,  sharing our cultural baggage with our guests which is our greatest joy.
– Guided tour of the winery with an expert guide;
– Six wines for tasting with covered bottles (blind) for a better sensory analysis;
– Guide to the recognition of aromas and scents customized according to the level of difficulty of each wine presented.

Upon arrival at the Monte del Frà winery you will be welcomed by Silvia, a representative of the third generation of the Bonomo family. We begin at the entrance of the winery to learn about the history marked by a big tall cross (from a monastery) that overlooks the hill from the 17th century. From there, you will be guided to the barrel cellar where the most prestigious wines of the Bonomo family are refined. Crossing these barrels, your sense of smell is captured by the hints of vanilla of the French oak that are fresh thanks to the presence of the ultraviolet lamp technology. These ultraviolet lights sterilize the rooms nightly for four hours and allow the wines a long and safe rest bacterial load.

Blind Tasting

You continue into the tasting room where six glasses and six numbered covered bottles await you. During this tasting your senses will be stimulated from the external influences of label, bottle, brand and price. It is a personal journey as each of you will experience sensations in a different way depending on your experiences, emotions and habits.

Discovering the Scents and Colors of Wine

Silvia, your guide, helps express your perceptions according to your level of difficulty. One by one you taste the wines. You can evaluate the difference in colors, fragrances and aromas. What is the fruity wine? What would be an old vintage? Which wine expresses a hint of vanilla? What is a single variety? This tasting allows you to discover the territory of Veneto wines, the Italian region with the greatest geomorphological diversity.  Get passionate about the world of wine with our family. Select a tasting of either WHITE or RED WINES according to your preference.


– Guided tour of the winery with an expert guide
– Six red wines for the blind tasting from the Bardolino to Valpolicella Classica area, which include international grape varieties
– Breadsticks or bread, water
– Optional material for note-taking


– Guided tour of the winery with an expert guide
– Six still white wines for blind tasting from the Lake Garda area in the volcanic area of Soave
– Breadsticks or bread, water
– Optional material for note-taking


This experience is designed for those who want to get closer to the world of wine by discovering how to recognize aromas with the help of an expert but also for those who want to understand more specific aspects of wine.

People: Two to twenty people
Languages: Italian, English
Duration: Approximately one hour, 30 minutes

Possibility of cancellation: up to 48 hours in advance with a full refund

The visit takes place in compliance with current regulations enforced for the coronavirus emergency issued by the Ministry of Health. We kindly ask visitors to adhere to regulations set forth by the authorities.